Departures & Landfalls



In the summer of nineteen ninety-six, four individuals collectively known as Boys Life convened in Chicago, Illinois to record Departures and Landfalls. Now, nearly twenty years later, Boys Life is ready to revisit their records with renewed energy. It's no secret that we love music! Summer House was founded on a ten year friendship born out of going to punk rock and hardcore concerts together. Since then we have expanded our love of many genres and styles from a variety of decades but punk rock and all of its derivatives still hold a special place in our heart as its the music that was most influential during our formative years.

When we were first approached by our friend John Anderson about doing a promotional spot for the reunion of his band Boys Life and the reissue of their final album on Topshelf records we were stoked. Boys Life came a little before our time. Finding that they were seminal in what would later be called 'Emo', touring with and influencing bands that we did know and love made them that much more special to us. We approached this project as if Boys Life had been one of those influential bands from teenage years. They were now getting back together for a small tour to promote the vinyl reissue of their final record. We dove in and revisited their music to really gain an understanding of what the musical climate in the punk rock midwest was like during the mid 90's. We gathered old VHS footage and looked through lots of old film scans of the band to use in the promotional.  We used super 35 film scans to overlay to help match the look and feel of the old film scans and to bring about that sense of nostalgia.

The first time that all four members of Boys Life were all in the same room in over 18 years, we were there filming. Seeing them begin to play these songs that they hadn't played together in that long of time was something truly special. We were able to sit down and interview each of the band members and really tap into what they remember about those days on the road touring. When the promotional was posted and the news spread that Boys Life would be returning we saw the comments roll in, the video get reposted again and again and we knew that we struck that chord with fans.  We couldn't be happier with how this piece turned out.



CLIENT: Topshelf Records
DIRECTOR / DP: Austin Goldberg
PRODUCER: Nathan Eaton
LEAD EDIT: Nathan Eaton
MUSIC: Boys Life

Boys Life,both.jpg

Both the band and their songs were products of a special time that can’t be replicated, only revisited. But then and now, both Boys Life and Departures and Landfalls reflect something more than nostalgia—creativity, the power of music, the roar of a thunderstorm, and the lonesome sound of a train whistle.