Summer House is a boutique production studio based in Kansas City, MO -specializing in commercial & branded content. We create work for global brands and ad agencies, carrying each project from conception to delivery.

We are artists, directors, photographers, editors, storytellers, and collaborators. We are a diverse and adept team, agile enough to work on projects of any size. Able to quickly assess any production's needs and crew up with all the amazing people in our vast network of artists. We work on a variety of projects displayed on a number of different platforms such as broadcast, web, print, and social.

We work without ego and with an emphasis on co-creation. We believe in forming strong partnerships with the agencies and brands who rely on us to deliver beautiful work.





Concept Development, Treatments, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Talent Casting, Scriptwriting, Directing, Photography, Cinematography, Image Retouching, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Editing, Color Correction, Motion Graphics, Music Licensing, Sound Design